Unproductive Employees

Nov 25
Employees spending time on their phone is costing your business money

Unproductive Employees

Unproductive employees are definitely costing your business a lot of money each year.

unproductive employees are costing your business cash

When you look up the definition of unproductive you get:
(of an activity or period) not achieving much; not very useful


Employees being unproductive can be costing your business money everyday. When added up, it can be in the thousands or even more each year. How can employees be unproductive?


Spending Time On The Phone
With today’s technology, this is the most common form of employees being unproductive. They are talking on their phone, updating their Facebook profile, tweeting on Twitter, or posting a picture on Instagram. By doing so, they are essentially stealing from you. Employee theft can come in the form of stealing your time from you. Since you are paying them to spend their time at your business it is your time. Therefore, by not doing their job they are stealing from you.


As a result, employers need to combat time theft by doing things such as installing a security camera system in the workplace. Certainly, you may feel that your employees will get upset. But you have to keep in mind that it is your business and you depend on it for your income.


With security cameras installed throughout the employee workplace you will be able to monitor who is spending time on their phone or doing their job.


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